Monday, September 20, 2004

A bLoG oF pRiNcEsS

Jux join tis channel at the tym 4am, date 20/09/04.. well.. havin many thing runnin though moi mind.. cant fell asleep.. haix.. sad.. i had a quarrel with moi sister on 7/19/14 yet till now still haven tok back yet.. haix.. although i dun feel tat was moi fault but she sound lyk i was at fault lorx.. angry and sad at the same tym.. well, cant reali blame her oso.. but if she nnv keep on askin me go chiong den tis wont happen.. it moi fault for breakin the promiese between me and moi hubby.. [i had promise not to chiong without him] and we nearly break off.. it heart pain to quarrel with both of them.. many tym, i wish tat we wont quarrel again but thing are not goin out way.. dunno why.. we haf quarrel once every week.. u see.. it tis go on we sure wont last long, ya?? we had waited so long den can be back together but jus a quarrel can vreak us apart.. it scary.. u promise u will stay with me forever but promise are meant to be broken, true?? and nv will i noe tat u had nv trust me with ur 100% heart.. it hurt me to hear u say tat "how do i noe wat u will be doin without me.." jux lyk u say.. if we are fate to be together, we will oway be together.. if im noy us no matter how many tym we be stead will still break apart de.. i told u i wanna be ur wift and i reali mean it.. i was reali hapi when u say tat u wish tat i was ur wift too but u wori u cant support me with ur $800 every month.. well, tat true.. so u muz work hard okay.. i will wait for u to earn enough bucks de...


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